Contract Management

We provide cradle-to-grave contract management services on a wide range of projects in oil & gas, shipbuilding & rig construction, general construction, energy and other industries.

Our lawyers and contract managers offer strategy advice and valuation for tendering, participate in negotiations, advise on commercial and legal problems during the execution phase of a project and assist in settling outstanding claims after the project is delivered. We facilitate project management through dynamic contract management, making sure that claims are executed on time and for full value with a minimum of distraction for the project owner. Having the same contract manager follow the project from bid stage to completion gives the client an advantage because details about the history of the project matter greatly when it comes to commercial gain.

We help evaluate risk and use our commercial awareness and experience to put contractual rights and other legal issues into proper perspective. We do more than write memos; we attend meetings, write variation order requests and continue to assist with resolving claims even after the project has been delivered — often as the last person to leave the project. Should a dispute arise, we review all documentation in the project to identify the pros and cons of litigation and prepare whatever is necessary before going to court or arbitration.

Torkil Norstrøm
Partner Torkil Norstrøm is responsible for Contract Management and can be reached by telephone or e-mail